Monday, August 17, 2009

March On Sacramento Tea Party

Below I have posted the same information with two different descriptions for the Tea Party. I'd like to know which one you like better. The top one is Facebook, and the second one is (The Tea Party Patriots site has to moderated still, so if you do not see my event, that is why.)

TAGS: "Save California", "Tea Party"
Event Info

TYPE: Causes - Rally.

DATE: Friday, August 28, 2009
TIME: 12:00pm - 5:00pm
LOCATION: State Capitol, Sacramento, CA.
STREET: Capitol Building
CITY/TOWN: Sacramento, CA

E-MAIL: rawsense2004 AT
(I'm not putting my number out there on an open site. haha)

Description for Facebook.
It is time to stand up and stand together with other Californians in order to make our State Legislators hear us. We demand they put an end to this govt made drought which is killing business and driving farmers, truckers, lumbermen, etc. to the unemployment line. We need reasonable people to deal reasonably with whatever we Californians face. Together we stand...

Description for
Are we angry? You bet. Are we Republicans being paid to do this? NO! We are Californians who are fed up with these runaway politicians who think it's alright to give raises to staffers while shutting down schools and putting farmers and loggers out of work because of a stupid fish. Hey, fish adapt you idiots. That is right, I am angry. You have ruined our beautiful state, and we are here to let you know your ride is OVER come election day. Before then, however, we need you to act responsibly and quickly! Save California!

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