Saturday, August 29, 2009

AAR: March On Sacramento 8/28

It was absolutely fantastic! There were 10's of thousands of people there, and it was so peaceful. At the same time, you could feel the outrage at our government in the air. No, you couldn't see it on the people's faces, but we knew why we were there. We knew who was responsible for all those farmers and truckers losing their jobs and their homes. It is the GOVERNMENT and never forgot that.

There was music, Veterans, radio show host broadcasting the event, and speakers from all different backrounds. There were farmers, truckers, Congressmen, Assemblymen (the rest of the Assemblycritters got scared and went home!), farm workers, residents, and so much more. It was so moving at times that I had to hide my tears. Something must be done NOW.

We can still do something. We must continue to call our assemblycritters and state senators to urge them to support AB 118. This will abolish AB 32, the global warming bill. Even if you do not live in California, please call! We need all the help we can get.

I have a link to an AWESOME video. It won't fit here, but it is so great, REVOLUTION BREWING - August 28 Sacramento Tea Party Express, courtesy of Camera Horse.

Lloyd Marcus is not only fine, he is a great musician. He is also very kind. In this tape, you will find many posters, speakers, CNN was there--did you hear anything about the event? Ha. This was done by someone who just happen to have a video camera with her. She did an excellent job. The tape does stall a little, but I think that's my computer. It is bearable. Much.

He is going with the Tea Party Express - which is no way associated with any of the Californian Tea Parties - to 35 cities until they reach Washington DC on September 12th.

Which reminds me, we will be having a Tea Party here on September 12th! Los Angeles county and Orange county have combined efforts this time, and we will be holding this Tea Party at the Federal Building in Los Angeles. Wow. I am worn out! But I feel great. God bless everyone, and good night. (More to come.)

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