Thursday, August 13, 2009

Garden Grove Townhall Meeting

I received a call from a nice lady, Janell, who shared with me some information that may interest some of you. While I do not live in Garden Grove, nor do I wish to step on anyone's toes, she wants this information out there. How could I deny her?

Cngressman Ed Royce will be having a Townhall meeting Saturday, August 22, 2009, at Kelly's Coffee at 9am. The address is 9783 Chapman Ave, Garden Grove. I don't have a zip code for that. For more information, you may call Kelly's at (714) 744-4130. (I think that's Kelly's Coffee's number and not Ed Royce's.)

Congressman Royce recommends that you bring a folding chair just in case all the seats are already taken. Pretty good idea. If anyone is going from Long Beach, please email me. I'd like to go. ;)


  1. health care for all!!!

  2. god doesn't give you rights the government does...

  3. you are tea baggers not patriots...denying anyone equal rights is not a patriot they are bigots, racists, and homophobics....get a clue the bible is a book of fiction...did a person really live in a whale....

  4. Oh my. I can tell I have ired the dictates of a well educated snob. What shall I do? Um...ignore you.

    When you decide you would like to discuss our differences, you are welcome to comment again. I shall respond to you my reasoning. I will not accuse you of being stupid or evil for not believing in the Hope and Life that is given by Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. I will not call you names if I don't know an answer to one your questions. I will tell you the truth. (That being, 'I don't know'.)

    Next time, please consider the fact that we are all Americans first before we are whatever political party. Darn, look at the parties! What kind of choice is that? lol Have a blessed day.


Everyone please be civil to one another. The quickest way to lose a debate and the hearts and minds of the reader is to call them names. We are all Americans, we just disagree.