Friday, October 23, 2009

New Group For Members

I shall continue to write here so everyone may stay up to date, but I have opened a google groups site today for the members of Long Beach Patriots who are interested in keeping the pressure on these government critters. I have been writing news and mailing it many people, but I do not know who or how many really want these emails.

I know I don't particularly like it when I receive so many emails that I have to delete some of them. I don't like it because I always feel bad. When someone takes the time to send me an email, I like to have the decency to read it.

When I started receiving 200 emails I thought, "Oh my! This is a lot!" I long for those days! haha. A lot of it is news, however, but I'm a news junkie. *sigh*

This new site is privacy protected. It shall only be available to those who respond to the email I sent them. It is a private site, so people can feel free to speak. Tough luck, Obama. This is still America!

The first time I had Tea Party on April 15th, I had no idea what I was getting into. That's okay though. I've been wanting to get active in a good way for many years now. If you live in the Long Beach, California area, email me. I'll have to 'interview' you to make sure you're not from ACORN or SEIU before you get anywhere close to an invitation! *heh*

Just wanted to keep you up to date. Don't forget the Central Valley Tea Party's Boot Camp this Saturday, Michael Fell's protest outside of Sen. Feinstein's office in Santa Monica on Monday (4-7 pm), and get your copy of Not Evil, Just Wrong.

A Good Weekend to All!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sen. Feinstein Lied, Millions Died

Here is the next newsletter from Families Protecting the Valley.

Senator Feinstein's Broken Promise.
Please click here to read Senator Dianne Feinstein's comments in 1994 about restoring the salmon run out of Friant Dam.

Families Protecting the Valley has expressed strong concern over the implementation of the San Joaquin River Restoration passed by Congress.

With the Delta lawsuits that shut off the pumps the environmentalists have basically reneged on their commitment to re-circulate the water back to the Friant service area. Therefore we need to recognize that this places us in the same position that Senator Feinstein's letter addressed in 1994.

Unfortunately, sponsoring legislators such as Senators Feinstein and Boxer, and Congressmen Radanovich, Costa, and Cardoza have remained silent rather than demand the environmentalists live up to their part of the bargain.

Combined with the inequitable distribution of the losses inflicted on Friant contractors, this abomination will eventually result in 200,000 to 300,000 acres of land being fallowed in the Friant service area.

Friant farmers went in to this deal in good faith. Now, they are left holding the bag. The result is exactly what Senator Feinstein warned against and vowed to stop in 1994, but apparently she is now willing to inflict on the Valley the very disaster she believed would happen if the water was taken from the farmers on the eastside of the valley.

Since the environmentalists have reneged on the deal, maybe it is time the legislators looked at amending or rescinding the San Joaquin River Restoration bill to fulfill the intent of the Settlement to mitigate valley losses.
My purpose for the title, "Sen. Feinstein Lied, Millions Died" is because it is true if you take the long-term focus. When they took away the water, many crops were lost. Does anyone remember what happened when someone came up with the brilliant idea of using our food (corn) to enhance gasoline? What happened to the price of corn? What happened to the distribution of corn worldwide?

People starved to death, because there was no cornmeal which is sometimes all the poor countries get to eat. Did anyone consider this wee tidbit? No, they wanted their cars and didn't want to drill to keep them running. Very freakin nice.

The same is true with our Central Valley. Let's face it. California provides 40% of the world's food. What are we going to feed the rest of the world with when our own farmers in food lines? Very nice, Diane. I hope you're proud of yourself, because I certainly am not.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


This is the official statement of Tea Party Patriots.

Tea Party Patriots Statement on Tea Party Express.

Tea Party Patriots wishes to confirm that it does not directly or indirectly support or endorse any activities of Our Country Deserves Better, the political action committee (PAC) responsible for the 'Tea Party Express' bus tour conducted from 8/28 through 9/12 of this year, and an upcoming tour recently announced.

The Vice Chairman of OCDB and spokesman for the Tea Party Express, Mark Williams, has described President Obama as an "Indonesian Muslim turned welfare thug," and the "Racist in Chief", phrases he defended recently in an interview on CNN. Tea Party Patriots disagrees strongly with President Obama on many issues, but we believe such statements are inappropriate and harmful to the healthy debate our country demands on challenging issues. Furthermore, Williams' antics play into the hands of mainstream media attempts to paint the Tea Party movement as a racist, radical fringe as opposed to the genuine grassroots movement representing all walks of American life that it truly is. In addition, in June, at a Tea Party Patriots event in Sacramento, Williams was requested to stop his verbal criticism of local law enforcement officers who were trying to stop him from interfering with other lawfully assembled citizens. Among other things, Williams used his megaphone to warn those present that they needed to move away from the officers by shouting through his megaphone, "Trust me, I grew up in Boston, you don't want a cop on horseback swinging at your head." People on the scene objected to his behavior, and in fact, law enforcement officers on the scene were polite and respectful, and were merely trying to get Mr. Williams to respect the rights of other individuals who had lawful permits. Full video of the incident is available on request. Subsequent to the event, Williams issued a written apology for his outrageous behavior towards law enforcement officers (again, available on request). Again, this type of behavior is precisely the brush with which our opposition wishes to paint us, and we believe it is important to decisively separate ourselves from people who behave in this way.

Furthermore, Williams directly attacked the genuine heart and soul of the tea party movement on, of all days, the morning of September 12th. While patriots from around the country were gathering in Washington, Williams posted a vitriolic blog entry about the August 28th Sacramento Tea Party event (where the Tea Party Express started its tour) in which he declared that he "can now report that at the Sac828 'Tea Party' event was anything but", describing it as "a rally representing tax-subsidized agricultural and industrial interests" whose speakers were "lobbyists and other representatives of big business." On the contrary, the organizers and speakers at the Sacramento event represented a tremendous grassroots effort on the part of hardworking local organizers from across California fighting the worst aspects of big government gone wild. Williams further bragged in an email to TPP leadership that "The national media embedded with me has been waiting for me to publish this story [with a link to his blog post] so that they can run with it." On the day when our fellow patriots were gathering in and focusing all eyes on the amazing event in Washington, Mark Williams was apparently focused on promoting divisive and false accusations about the Tea Party movement to the mainstream media.

Finally, Our Country Deserves Better is a PAC. And while we have no problems with PACs, and they definitely have their place in the political system today, they fulfill a very different role than the tea parties. If you take the time to review OCDB's FEC filings, you will find pages and pages of expenditures for Republican candidates and against Democrat candidates. Equally important, the political knowledge, muscle and primary operations of the PAC appear to come from a political consulting firm in Sacramento called Russo Marsh & Rogers. A review of the RMR website shows that they are long time Republican political consultants. As of this writing, their website appears to indicate that their electoral work across the country has been on behalf of Republican candidates whom they are paid to represent, and has been for many years. And if one looks at the FEC filings, it appears that the largest portion of the money raised by OCDB gets paid directly to Russo Marsh & Rogers. Please look at the filings for yourselves and make your own determination.

While there is nothing improper about this type of partisanship, it is our belief that this is not what the tea parties are about. Tea Party Patriots has worked very hard to be issue oriented regardless of political party affiliation. We support our core values: fiscal responsibility, Constitutionally limited government, and free markets over any political party. In order to remain non-partisan, we must separate ourselves from organizations that are partisan and are attempting to raise money using the non-partisan tea party movement.

Because of Williams' actions and his leadership role in OCDB and the Tea Party Express, and because of the partisan fundraising nature of OCDB and the Tea Party Express, the Tea Party Patriots cannot and will not support OCDB and in particular urges all local tea party activists not to participate in or support OCDB's second national Tea Party Express bus tour. We firmly believe that the fight for limited government and the Tea Party movement has room for many groups of all types, and we effectively work with many of them. But it has no room for those who attack grassroots organizers, use the tea party movement for partisan political fund raising, or who go out of their way to make offensive statements that serve only to drive people away from our cause.


Tea Party Patriots, Inc.

Note: Williams un-published his 9/12 blog post several days after posting it, and so the link no longer works. He has never apologized or retracted his statements, however; the full text of his post can be provided upon request.


This is the unofficial position which I have chosen to take. I am glad the in Part 2, the Tea Party Patriots also see it as I do. Below is a communication from Mark Williams and myself. Mark Williams tried to apology to me - why, I do not know - and my response to him. He has not respnsed in kind, so I take it that he will not be forethcoming with a true apology. I guess that's how one determines character...or lack thereof.


Dear Mark,

I would thank you, but I am not sure just what it is you are apologizing for since I demanded an apology for MARK MECKLER and all you've done is belittle him.

Your reckless did taint our Tea Party (Patriots), but I am not a politician. My skin is thicker than that. Are you aware that each organizer is individually their own Tea Party group? We all worked together.

I never worked with you because you do go over the top, and your way of attacking Obama alone is detrimental to our message. Your organization was never on my sidebar because of your behavior, so hate me as well.

I know Rick would be very surprised to learn that he agrees with your behavior. Not only about the blog post, but the words you use on TV. Do you not know that is what they are seeking to discredit us? When you make claims such as 'Racist-in-Chief', etc, what do you think the rest of the media is going to think about us after all the hard work everyone put into this?

BTW, 9/12 was GLENN BECK's idea, not yours. So don't get all high and mighty. You were NOT the only organization out there on April 17. I, for example, had my next Tea Party up without ever having to need ne'er a word or hand from you.

I guess what I am trying to say, quite bluntly, is that you are NOT representative of the Tea Party Patriots, the Tea Party's held all across this nation without your help and you trying to steal the credit, and I still DEMAND an APOLOGY TO MARK.

I am not going to get into the history with you any further as far as what happened on 8/28. It has been brought to my attention that you were aware that Mark did go to the hospital because they thought he was having a heart attack, but I was corrected that it turned out not to be an exact heart attack. For that apologize. I got very angry over that issue, and I was in wrong. No history. No, "But you are such a bad person", no nothing else. That is the way an apology is offered.

You do not say, "I apologize" and then rip right into him again. I find that rather odd. I also find it odd that you are supporting candidates that I am trying to throw out of Congress. I cannot help you do that. I agree with what Mark did. We all did. It is what WE the people of California decided to do. We have lawyers too, ya know, and our lawyers guided us.

Hey, why don't we let our lawyers duke it out? haha.

I'm still waiting for that apology for Mark, and stop being a racist. Oh? Doesn't feel good does it? You're not a racist? Prove it.

See what I mean about choosing better arguements?

Still waiting...


Rosemary "Knuckles" W.
Long Beach Patriots organizer
PS. You were the only Leaders out there? HAHAHAHA. WE DON'T NEED NO FREAKIN' LEADERS! We are individuals with God given rights. Don't lump us together. We are Conservatives, Liberals, Independents, and everything in between. We start from the grassroots up, not the other way around. You're too stuck in the old way things used to (never) get done. *sigh*

[Please pardon any words omitted or misspelled.]

--- On Wed, 9/30/09, Mark Williams wrote:

From: Mark Williams
Subject: Apology
To: Rpsemary
Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2009, 6:05 PM

Dear Rosemary:

I've become aware of the fact that some of my comments regarding Mark Meckler and the recent 8/28 Eco Tyranny event in Sacramento have caused you some concern and I wanted to take the opportunity to write to you, if you'd be so kind as to hear me out.

First, please let me begin with an apology. I posted a blog on September 12th that called out Mark Meckler for his disgraceful behavior in the weeks leading up to the Tea Party Express national tour. In that post my anger at the Mecklers' poor and inappropriate behavior caused me to errantly cast aspersions on the 8/28 event. Many Tea Party Patriots members, including yourself, took as criticisms of YOUR EFFORTS and your hard work in making the 8/28 event a success. I did not mean to impugn you or the credibility and integrity of Tea Party Patriots members across the state of California. You all did a fantastic job - organizing caravans and bus loads of supporters to come in from all over the state. We share a common goal of defeating the leftist march towards socialism that Barack Obama and the Congress of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are advancing. I very much appreciate the work you have done and have been honored to stand with you throughout this fight.

So please know, I am contrite in the knowledge that my off-the-cuff blog post hurt a lot of people who I certainly did not have any intention of hurting or insulting or impugning. But I did, and again I apologize unequivocally for that action on my part.

I posted my blog and had not told anyone involved with the Tea Party Express (including its principal sponsor, the Our Country Deserves Better Committee) because I was writing on my own personal blog and didn't realize the impact my post would have. Within 24 hours my colleagues at the Our Country Deserves Better Committee learned of my post and called and emailed me. They explained why this post of mine was counter-productive and hurt the good, hard-working people of the tea party movement. I read my post again, realized that they were right, and immediately took the post down.

So the issue becomes how to move forward so that you understand that my intentions towards you and the people of the Tea Party Patriots organization are not anything but positive and supportive.

There are two parts to this that I want to convey to you.

[The only thing he did was to bash Mark Meckler, the man whom I demanded an apology for what Mark Williams has FALSY claimed. I am not going to put the whole thing here, because it is too long and childess.]

So please watch these two short segments filmed BEFORE the launch of the Tea Party Express and in spite of what was going on with the Mecklers and listen to my comments regarding the Tea Party Patriots:


But I can't undo history. The best I could do was to take down the offending post and write you this apology letter. I hope we can move past these recent events and work in a manner that is focused on the objectives we share. Here's what we put as our central messaging on the side of our two Tea Party Express tour buses. I think these areas that we are focused on is exactly in-sync with objectives of the Tea Party Patriots membership:

*End the Bailouts!
*Reduce the Size and Intrusiveness of Government!
*Stop the Out-Of-Control Spending!
*No Government-Run Healthcare!
*Stop Raising Our Taxes!

Thank you again for your hard work and dedication to the tea party movement. We as Americans are all better off because of it. The sleeping giant has been awakened and we will not allow our country to be transformed into what I call a "failed socialist paradise." Your daily efforts have been what awoke the sleeping giant and I hope you will continue in your efforts to make an impact on the future of our country.

Again, I will call you tomorrow, and I hope whether you appreciate the sentiments I've tried to express in this note or not, that we can try to work constructively together in the future.


Mark Williams
Vice Chair, Our Country Deserves Better Committee & Tea Party Express

P.S. Right before sending you this email I noticed a statement that was emailed out by Mark Meckler announcing that the Tea Party Patriots national organization would not be supporting the Tea Party Express. The decision by the Mecklers' to issue such a press release baffles me, given the fact that this is exactly the same decision they made prior to the original Tea Party Express national tour. So they are once again replicating their pattern of behavior. And just so you are fully informed, we will proceed forward with the tour, just as we did the last time the Mecklers' pulled a stunt like this.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Get Out The Voice Tea Party

Below you will find information concerning the Tea Party being held this coming Tuesday at our City Hall in Long Beach, California. Why at the City Hall? What do they have to do with Healthcare? Good question. I have a good answer.

Most of the people who get elected to City Council are more ambitious and may only serve two terms. This gives them a resume to take to Sacramento or to the Congress with them. I want to diswade any thoughts of voting yes for any kind of socialist government!

Plus, we can march back and forth from the City Hall to the Courthouse, and the Courthouse is on Ocean Blvd. Many people will be able to see us, and they can then be informed as to the sneakiness and corruption that is actually happening on their so-called behalf.

Many judges, lawyers, voters, and others who may be interested in protested but have not known how to or where there is a group of people who felt as they do will be easily available for them. ;)

Event Details

Time: October 13, 2009 from 4pm to 7pm.
Location: Courthouse to City Hall.
Street: 333 W. Ocean Blvd
City/Town: Long Beach
Website or Map:

Phone: 562-590-9298
Event Type: tea party.
Organized By: Rosemary "Knuckes" Welch
Latest Activity: 1 hour ago.

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Event Description.

October 13, 2009, there will be a Get Out The Voice Tea Party held at 333 W. Ocean Blvd in Long Beach, California, between 4pm and 7 pm. Seven pm is when they have their Council meeting. The Courthouse is right there on Ocean Blvd, so we will be seen this time. We must do this at this time to let the critters in Washington know that they are not hiding anything from us.

We have very little time. I need help. If anyone knows of someone who would be willing to speak at our Tea Party, please contact me. Please put Speaker(s) somewhere in the subject line. Hey, if you want to speak, that is alright also.

I am going to posting this information over at Long Beach Patriots as it comes to me. Please contact me anyway to let me know you will be there.

Bring also your flags, T-shirts, buttons, etc. We have been fighting this all summer. We have been winning. How can I tell? Because they are trying to break the law to get this passed! We must help the people in Long Beach to be aware of what is happening to them behind their backs.

You all have been a great help in the past. It has been a tough road to hoe. I understand this but remember, there's no turning back if we lose this fight. This is down to the knock-out punch. Please be there, and bring your friends, parents, and children! Thank you.

UPDATE: Great news! News Blaze has covered this Tea Party and published the article I sent them. Please link to this article over there so it will climb the 'most read' articles. This way, the more people who read it will know about it, and they can then come to the Tea Party to learn about what is happening in Congress and the Senate. We cannot allow the momentum that was built during the summer to fade away during the autumn months. Keep up the great work guys! Thanks.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Great Water News Possibly

There is a legal firm known as Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) who has been working very hard to help our farmers and all the citizens of California fight the government against the obnoxious man-made drought. They were in court recently and there's no ruling yet, but there may be some good news coming down with this ruling. If not (and if so), this may go to the Federal Court of Appeals and ultimately to the SCOTUS.

Can you imagine that the law would protect a fish over 35 million people? Neither could the PLF! Read this e-mail I've received.
Judge cites “catastrophic effects” of feds’ water cutbacks.

Dear Rosemary,

Last week, a federal court in Fresno heard arguments on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Delta smelt “biological opinion”—the fish-before-people policy that has forced crippling water cutbacks for farms and communities in the Central Valley, along with rate hikes and rationing for Southern California water users.

PLF attorney Brandon Middleton—representing hard-hit farmers—argued PLF’s constitutionally based case against the water cutoffs, and other issues were addressed by other attorneys, representing other water users.

The good news is that Judge Oliver Wanger showed that he understands the devastating impact of the feds’ policies. As The Fresno Bee reported , the judge appears to already have concluded that the smelt plan has hurt the environment. He said it has caused dust to rise from dry fields, possibly reducing air quality. And increased ground-water pumping has caused land to sink, he said.

“‘How could this not affect the human environment?’ Wanger asked ... of the ... biological opinion. ‘It has had catastrophic effects.’”

Consequently, the judge declared—in a tentative ruling not yet finalized—that the feds failed to comply with federal law requiring environmental impact analysis when major federal actions affect the environment.

Meanwhile, PLF’s argument—that the smelt regulations are unconstitutional, because the fish exists only in California and plays no role in commerce—was rejected by the judge. We’re advancing fundamental constitutional principles here, issues that ultimately may have to be adjudicated by a federal appellate court—and possibly by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Nevertheless, there’s no question that, given the judge’s recognition of the “catastrophic” impacts of the water cutbacks, The Fresno Bee was correct in calling the overall hearing “encouraging ... for farmers.”

I can teach you supply and demand economics in a few sentences.

1. There are 10 apples and 1 person wants to buy an apply. It is very cheap.
2. There is 1 apple and 10 people want to buy an apple. The price is high.
3. There are 5 apples and 5 people want to buy an apple. This is equilibrium. This is what the actual cost of the should be. (Hey, I'm trying to keep it simply. I know this is not exactly true, but it's true enough.)

What the government has done is to leave these farms product-less. Therefore we have to get our apples somewhere else. (Pretend the apples are something you actually want if you don't like apples, okay? haha) What does this cause? INFLATION! How?

1. There are no apples and 10 people want apples.
2. The price to buy an apple is then artificially higher.

Once prices rise, they seldom come back down. Does anyone remember when you could get a gallon of gas for 25 cents? Unbelievable? No. I remember, and I'm not that old!

I had better leave the rest of this economics lesson to someone who is better suited to answer these questions. Maybe BizzyBlog would be able to simplify it for you and me. haha. Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Columbus Day!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

HR 1586: Tax 90% Of Bonuses To Become Hidden Healthcare Bill

This is true, at least to the best of my research. I have linked to two articles that are covering this issue. One is on the Right, one is on the Left.

Sen. Reid is going to try to slip this healthcare insurance - with all of its taxes, fines, jail for not 'going along', etc. - boondoggle into the House Bill to get it past the American people. He will do this by amending HR 1586 (90% tax on bonuses) and sending it back to the House. If they decide to go along with this, they can avoid having to go to conference.

Hoyer stated that he may pass it without amending it which will allow them to not go to conference. By doing it this way, they can ramrod it through without needing anymore discussion and avoid the Fillibusters in the Senate. It will only need a simple vote. Does anyone remember when the Republicans even whispered the words, 'Nuclear Option'? Yes, they were jumped on by everyone practically. Where is the noise?

I guess that's all we need to know to understand what is happening to our country which these brave men and women are putting it all on the line for so that we may remain free. What are willing to do to make sure that when they do come home, they come home to a free country? Even the Lefties get it. Slate:

The Invasion of the Bill Snatchers.
The Sanate has a quirky legislative procedure for handling healthcare reform.

Read more from Slate.

To be fair, I've included Slate's "You might also like:
"Under the proposal, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) would offer the Senate’s version of health reform as an amendment to a House-passed bill, H.R. 1586, which levies a 90-percent tax on bonuses received this year by employees of financial institutions that took at least $5 billion in government bailout money. Reid's amendment would strip out the substance of H.R. 1586 as passed by the House and replace it with the entirety of the Senate health care bill." Continue reading this article at CNSNews.

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You guys have been great at helping each other to keep this disaster from occuring. Please keep up the pressure. Let them know we know what they are up to and we will not stand for it nor will be quiet about it. We can defeat this. I've seen you work, and you are impressive! For now, have a good night. Tomorrow, man the phones to the Senate: 1-212-224-3121. March On!

CORRECTION: 1-202-224-3121. D'oh!

UPDATE: This information has been CONFIRMED by The Heritage Foundation Blog.