Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Marching Feet Of Patriots

This beautiful poem was e-mailed to me by Kirk A., and I love it. I hope you will as well.


We glance about and see the signs, as memories buried deep
Begin to surface in our thoughts, and make it hard to sleep.
For once within our country there was freedom earned by blood
And full belief that freedom came from all our trust in God.
But now it is as though the story needs to be re-told.
What's that! I hear the marching feet of patriots of old!

You can't usurp a country born by those whose hearts were free
Who structured laws and government to work for you and me;
Who threw into the king's own court his yoke of tyranny
And vowed to die before they ever gave up liberty!
Those men and women's honor was the type that can't be sold!
O yes! I hear the marching feet of patriots of old!

Our country is the only one that fought for Freedom's Way.
To freely live religion and to give each man his sway;
To build and prosper honestly--not plunder nations' wealth.
And so we thrived as vigorous youth[s] of joy and strength and health.
O! Liberty is in our veins, by God to us bestowed!
That's why I hear the marching feet of patriots of old!

Now tyranny has reared it head again within our land,
And cunning foes from many parts think vic'try is at hand.
For treason has been purchased by the best laid plans of men
From godless politicians who do not yet know their end.
O give me men of honesty, whose hearts are made of gold!
Alas! I hear the marching feet of patriots new and old!

by A. J. Forester
July 4, 2009

Permission to reprint this poem is freely given by the author. -- A. J. Forester


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