Friday, August 14, 2009

AAR: LB Patriots Go To Congress

It was a wonderful day today. The tempature was excellent, and there were 7 people in total who attended. That's 6 more than last time!

Congresswoman Laura Richardson was not present today, but she will be back Tuesday. She is also going to be holding a Townhall meeting sometime in the fall. I asked if this healthcare insurance would still be a topic of concern, but no one could really be certain.

I don't blame them. They don't know if bill HR 3200 will be passed by then or if we have been successful. It was very nice seeing them again. Everyone in her office remembered me from July 17th, and they were all very polite.

For the people who did go up to her office, they had a form already printed for anyone who has concerns about HR 3200 (and the other bills). I guess there are so many people interested in this topic that they prepared a form just for this. This was very thoughtful and smart thinking.

I'm not saying we've said anything that would persuade her to vote against HR 3200, just that she was on top of the issue as far as her constituents were concerned.

We had a wonderful time. Well, I did. I started to read the e-mail Jamie had sent me, and then we sort of went off into different topics. It was a very good discussion. We talked about Social Security, how most government programs are going broke and they want to another want one(?), the end of life counselling and how they said it has been taken out of the bill (which one?) yet we warned them not to believe them because of the resolution process, and some other things.

We definitely talked about our disappointment that Congresswoman Richardson was not going to hold a Townhall meeting about something so vital to her constituents. I thought maybe I would have a Townhall meeting for her with an empty chair for her, but I'm doing too much as it is. That would have been fun though, wouldn't it?

Thank you to everyone who came, and thank you to those who took the time to respond and let me know you couldn't make it. As long as we keep the pressure on in a peaceful manner, we may just win this issue. Let us pray! God bless ya'll. Digg! Digg!

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