Friday, August 7, 2009

Beating At Townhall Meeting

A Twitter friend of mine is outraged at what has happened, and so am I. I just heard Rush speak to some of the people who there, and this is worse than we thought. We knew there were going to be union bosses there with their minnions, but they were there only to do violence with anyone who disagreed with the democrat politician. This is NOT a republican form of government anymore.

Please read his press release over at Rosemary's Thoughts. Also read your Constitution. We were promised a republican form of government (NOT a party), NOT a democracy.

I would fear for our country if I did not believe God is control. Hey, I may not understand at the time what is happening, but He is faithful.

We must remain nonviolent, polite, concise in our questions when we show up at these Townhalls, and don't back down. If you are attacked, demand that these thugs are arrested and do time. This is a fight that is bigger than us. This is a fight for the America that our men and women wearing our Military's uniform are fighting to save our skin. The least we can do is protect America at home. Thank you, and God bless.

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