Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9/12/09 & FPV

I attended the 912West Tea Party on Saturday, but I'm still waiting for someone to be so kind as to share their pictures with me before I write about it. It was GREAT! I can say that much. ;)

About Families Protecting The Valley, I know I've been writing more about them than anything else recently. There is a reason for that. I care what happens to them and to us. There is something happening that YOU can change, but only if you are armed with the information.

I found these great videos they have. Here is the page where you may find them. There is much news in their whole website. I asked them to include me in their e-mail releases so I can stay informed.

If you would prefer I do the research and reading for you, let me know. If you would prefer I stick to Long Beach, let me know. Frankly, no one has stepped up to the plate to help me do this, so I'm flying blind. I do have a main blog of which I am so far behind in blogging. That is another reason I have only posted once or twice a week.

In other words, HELP! Help is needed. I organize the Tea Parties, I pay for everything (almost) out of my own pocket, and I am on a fixed income. Yes, they cut it. I need your help, because I cannot physically do this by myself. Besides, I need your beautiful and bright minds!

I have seen the energy you have, and you are great. I want to encourage you to continue the fight. You are so imaginative with all the signs, songs, ideas. Together we can do this. Together there will be no ObmaaCare. Together we can take back our Liberty that has been slowly, over the decades, been stripped away from us while we were not paying attention. Yes, together we can, separately and one at a time, I am not sure. I just know I'm going to keep on trying. ;)

I hope everyone is doing well. I'm glad Joe Wilson didn't apologize again. Imagine it, when you tell the truth you have to apologize, but when you lie you do not. What kind of message does this send to our children? Bush lied, people died. Bush is Hitler. Blah, blah, blah. All lies, no apologies. It must be nice not have any integrity. Nah, I could never be a Democrat. I prefer the integrity. Have a blessed night.

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