Thursday, September 10, 2009

One Man's POV On Obama's HealthScare

Yesterday night President Obama gave a tired old speech about what he considers a health care insurance 'crisis'. (Isn't everything with these peeps?) The only thing I found to be new was lip-service to malpractice insurance. It was boring, it was full of lies, and it was insulting to at least half of America.

Liars are we? I was happy when CONGRESSMAN JOE WILSON of South Carolina called him to task when Obama did lie. He did apologize, but he also energized both the Left, the Right, and most people in between! Please donate today! The Leftist Marxists are collecting on what happened, let's outdo them. ;)

A friend of mine wrote about this event (speech) today as well. I will share some of it with you, and then you can decide if you choose to continue reading his article.
Obama lied, his credibility died.
By J. Matt Barber.

On Wednesday night President Obama threw a universal healthcare Hail Mary. The call? Incomplete pass.

His much anticipated address to a joint session of Congress promised to finally — for real, this time — provide details about his "healthcare reform plan" (the government takeover of about 20 percent of America's once free market).

Instead, the President regurgitated the same worn-out talking points, tired platitudes and baseless rhetoric he's been spouting for months, generating more confusion than clarity.

As his approval ratings sink faster than an Olds off the bridge Chappaquiddick, the speech-giver-in-chief's latest lecture was a transparently desperate attempt to salvage his signature issue and, by extension, the very presidency he's wagered on it. He even went so far as to breathlessly suggest this time that a failure to implement his governmental healthcare scheme means that "more Americans will die." It was embarrassing.

This was Obama's umpteenth healthcare homily amid an average of more than one speech per day since he's taken office. True, it's better he should run his mouth than actually attempt to govern, but, nonetheless, it's become annoying that he continues to stubbornly refuse America's, "Not only no but h--- no," answer to his persistent "pretty please."

"I am not the first president to take up this cause, but I am determined to be the last," he proclaimed. To that end he may succeed. Indeed, in light of America's boisterous rejection of his socialist vision, future presidents may avoid — like Harry Reid avoids Nevada — the polarizing issue altogether.

As for the speech: I'll leave it to other pundits to tackle the President's arrogantly partisan, condescending and less-than-convincing Windy City tough-guy tone. Instead, I want to address — at the risk of being "called out" by chief thug, Rahm Emanuel (scary, I know) — the fact that Obama, with a straight face, repeatedly lied to the American people (the teleprompter made him do it). I was reminded of my eight year-old, standing before me with chocolaty crumb covered cheeks, saying, "Cookie? What cookie?" [Continue reading Renew America.]
It gets better. Truly. Well, then again, I guess that would depend on if you are still able to do a little critical thinking for yourself. I am so grateful I am able to do so. Have a great night everyone. Don't forget, tomorrow is September 11, 2009. Even though the Left may desire to turn it into Service Day, do not allow this to upset you. We remember...

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again.

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