Wednesday, October 7, 2009

HR 1586: Tax 90% Of Bonuses To Become Hidden Healthcare Bill

This is true, at least to the best of my research. I have linked to two articles that are covering this issue. One is on the Right, one is on the Left.

Sen. Reid is going to try to slip this healthcare insurance - with all of its taxes, fines, jail for not 'going along', etc. - boondoggle into the House Bill to get it past the American people. He will do this by amending HR 1586 (90% tax on bonuses) and sending it back to the House. If they decide to go along with this, they can avoid having to go to conference.

Hoyer stated that he may pass it without amending it which will allow them to not go to conference. By doing it this way, they can ramrod it through without needing anymore discussion and avoid the Fillibusters in the Senate. It will only need a simple vote. Does anyone remember when the Republicans even whispered the words, 'Nuclear Option'? Yes, they were jumped on by everyone practically. Where is the noise?

I guess that's all we need to know to understand what is happening to our country which these brave men and women are putting it all on the line for so that we may remain free. What are willing to do to make sure that when they do come home, they come home to a free country? Even the Lefties get it. Slate:

The Invasion of the Bill Snatchers.
The Sanate has a quirky legislative procedure for handling healthcare reform.

Read more from Slate.

To be fair, I've included Slate's "You might also like:
"Under the proposal, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) would offer the Senate’s version of health reform as an amendment to a House-passed bill, H.R. 1586, which levies a 90-percent tax on bonuses received this year by employees of financial institutions that took at least $5 billion in government bailout money. Reid's amendment would strip out the substance of H.R. 1586 as passed by the House and replace it with the entirety of the Senate health care bill." Continue reading this article at CNSNews.

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You guys have been great at helping each other to keep this disaster from occuring. Please keep up the pressure. Let them know we know what they are up to and we will not stand for it nor will be quiet about it. We can defeat this. I've seen you work, and you are impressive! For now, have a good night. Tomorrow, man the phones to the Senate: 1-212-224-3121. March On!

CORRECTION: 1-202-224-3121. D'oh!

UPDATE: This information has been CONFIRMED by The Heritage Foundation Blog.

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