Saturday, October 17, 2009


This is the unofficial position which I have chosen to take. I am glad the in Part 2, the Tea Party Patriots also see it as I do. Below is a communication from Mark Williams and myself. Mark Williams tried to apology to me - why, I do not know - and my response to him. He has not respnsed in kind, so I take it that he will not be forethcoming with a true apology. I guess that's how one determines character...or lack thereof.


Dear Mark,

I would thank you, but I am not sure just what it is you are apologizing for since I demanded an apology for MARK MECKLER and all you've done is belittle him.

Your reckless did taint our Tea Party (Patriots), but I am not a politician. My skin is thicker than that. Are you aware that each organizer is individually their own Tea Party group? We all worked together.

I never worked with you because you do go over the top, and your way of attacking Obama alone is detrimental to our message. Your organization was never on my sidebar because of your behavior, so hate me as well.

I know Rick would be very surprised to learn that he agrees with your behavior. Not only about the blog post, but the words you use on TV. Do you not know that is what they are seeking to discredit us? When you make claims such as 'Racist-in-Chief', etc, what do you think the rest of the media is going to think about us after all the hard work everyone put into this?

BTW, 9/12 was GLENN BECK's idea, not yours. So don't get all high and mighty. You were NOT the only organization out there on April 17. I, for example, had my next Tea Party up without ever having to need ne'er a word or hand from you.

I guess what I am trying to say, quite bluntly, is that you are NOT representative of the Tea Party Patriots, the Tea Party's held all across this nation without your help and you trying to steal the credit, and I still DEMAND an APOLOGY TO MARK.

I am not going to get into the history with you any further as far as what happened on 8/28. It has been brought to my attention that you were aware that Mark did go to the hospital because they thought he was having a heart attack, but I was corrected that it turned out not to be an exact heart attack. For that apologize. I got very angry over that issue, and I was in wrong. No history. No, "But you are such a bad person", no nothing else. That is the way an apology is offered.

You do not say, "I apologize" and then rip right into him again. I find that rather odd. I also find it odd that you are supporting candidates that I am trying to throw out of Congress. I cannot help you do that. I agree with what Mark did. We all did. It is what WE the people of California decided to do. We have lawyers too, ya know, and our lawyers guided us.

Hey, why don't we let our lawyers duke it out? haha.

I'm still waiting for that apology for Mark, and stop being a racist. Oh? Doesn't feel good does it? You're not a racist? Prove it.

See what I mean about choosing better arguements?

Still waiting...


Rosemary "Knuckles" W.
Long Beach Patriots organizer
PS. You were the only Leaders out there? HAHAHAHA. WE DON'T NEED NO FREAKIN' LEADERS! We are individuals with God given rights. Don't lump us together. We are Conservatives, Liberals, Independents, and everything in between. We start from the grassroots up, not the other way around. You're too stuck in the old way things used to (never) get done. *sigh*

[Please pardon any words omitted or misspelled.]

--- On Wed, 9/30/09, Mark Williams wrote:

From: Mark Williams
Subject: Apology
To: Rpsemary
Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2009, 6:05 PM

Dear Rosemary:

I've become aware of the fact that some of my comments regarding Mark Meckler and the recent 8/28 Eco Tyranny event in Sacramento have caused you some concern and I wanted to take the opportunity to write to you, if you'd be so kind as to hear me out.

First, please let me begin with an apology. I posted a blog on September 12th that called out Mark Meckler for his disgraceful behavior in the weeks leading up to the Tea Party Express national tour. In that post my anger at the Mecklers' poor and inappropriate behavior caused me to errantly cast aspersions on the 8/28 event. Many Tea Party Patriots members, including yourself, took as criticisms of YOUR EFFORTS and your hard work in making the 8/28 event a success. I did not mean to impugn you or the credibility and integrity of Tea Party Patriots members across the state of California. You all did a fantastic job - organizing caravans and bus loads of supporters to come in from all over the state. We share a common goal of defeating the leftist march towards socialism that Barack Obama and the Congress of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are advancing. I very much appreciate the work you have done and have been honored to stand with you throughout this fight.

So please know, I am contrite in the knowledge that my off-the-cuff blog post hurt a lot of people who I certainly did not have any intention of hurting or insulting or impugning. But I did, and again I apologize unequivocally for that action on my part.

I posted my blog and had not told anyone involved with the Tea Party Express (including its principal sponsor, the Our Country Deserves Better Committee) because I was writing on my own personal blog and didn't realize the impact my post would have. Within 24 hours my colleagues at the Our Country Deserves Better Committee learned of my post and called and emailed me. They explained why this post of mine was counter-productive and hurt the good, hard-working people of the tea party movement. I read my post again, realized that they were right, and immediately took the post down.

So the issue becomes how to move forward so that you understand that my intentions towards you and the people of the Tea Party Patriots organization are not anything but positive and supportive.

There are two parts to this that I want to convey to you.

[The only thing he did was to bash Mark Meckler, the man whom I demanded an apology for what Mark Williams has FALSY claimed. I am not going to put the whole thing here, because it is too long and childess.]

So please watch these two short segments filmed BEFORE the launch of the Tea Party Express and in spite of what was going on with the Mecklers and listen to my comments regarding the Tea Party Patriots:


But I can't undo history. The best I could do was to take down the offending post and write you this apology letter. I hope we can move past these recent events and work in a manner that is focused on the objectives we share. Here's what we put as our central messaging on the side of our two Tea Party Express tour buses. I think these areas that we are focused on is exactly in-sync with objectives of the Tea Party Patriots membership:

*End the Bailouts!
*Reduce the Size and Intrusiveness of Government!
*Stop the Out-Of-Control Spending!
*No Government-Run Healthcare!
*Stop Raising Our Taxes!

Thank you again for your hard work and dedication to the tea party movement. We as Americans are all better off because of it. The sleeping giant has been awakened and we will not allow our country to be transformed into what I call a "failed socialist paradise." Your daily efforts have been what awoke the sleeping giant and I hope you will continue in your efforts to make an impact on the future of our country.

Again, I will call you tomorrow, and I hope whether you appreciate the sentiments I've tried to express in this note or not, that we can try to work constructively together in the future.


Mark Williams
Vice Chair, Our Country Deserves Better Committee & Tea Party Express

P.S. Right before sending you this email I noticed a statement that was emailed out by Mark Meckler announcing that the Tea Party Patriots national organization would not be supporting the Tea Party Express. The decision by the Mecklers' to issue such a press release baffles me, given the fact that this is exactly the same decision they made prior to the original Tea Party Express national tour. So they are once again replicating their pattern of behavior. And just so you are fully informed, we will proceed forward with the tour, just as we did the last time the Mecklers' pulled a stunt like this.


  1. This is simply childish. We’re on the same team working for the same ends… So Why in God’s name can we not work together to achieve them? The mass e-mail sent out to the TPP e-mail list was childish and exposes the true nature of the TPP board and staff to the rest of the world.

    There is no need to alienate conservative friends in our ultimate goal to transform our government from a bunch of liberal tax-and-spend elites to a true limited republic based on our founding values.

    The Tea Party Patriots team is going to need to learn to play in the same sand box with other groups and organizations to obtain the larger goal of transforming our government. We should be focused on building these alliances and nurturing them as we move forward, not expose petty infighting to the rest of the world. This is a poor move by tea party patriots and has completely lost my support and the support of many others here in Central Texas.

    If another tea party group or conservative group comes out with statements that you don’t agree with, are you going to throw them under the same bus you threw TPE under? Will they get the same treatment with an e-mail blast to your e-mail list? Why would anyone want to partner with TPP knowing you have treated an ally in the fight for American Freedom like this?

    Your arguments against Mark Williams are petty. I may not agree with him all the time, and his delivery is harsh. Yet you have to admit, the American people are expecting a harsh response to the absurd policies that come out of Washington. We’re expecting a harsh response when Nancy Pelosi asks us where are swastikas are and calls us un-American. We’re expecting a harsh response when the President of the United States plays the race card against us.

    His PAC helps get conservative Republicans elected… GOOD! That’s what we need! The ultimate goal for all of us should be to get conservatives in office. When is the last time a conservative ran with a D after his name?

    Your petty differences with this guy have caused an irreparable rift in two groups seeking the same means. That is unconscionable. You either need to go back to the drawing board to figure out how you can work with other groups and build strong conservative alliances, or you need to get out of the tea party name and let the grassroots lead the charge, because, let’s face it, we’re doing it so much better. We’re spreading the message. We’re building alliances while you’re breaking them down. Get your priorities right or get out of the way. We don’t need this mess in Texas.


    Waco Tea Party

    We wish the Tea Party Patriots good luck, and God Bless each of them. We hope to see you along the highway, hopefully with less mud being slung from your bus.

  2. Michael, we and the Austin Tea Party told TPE to not come to Austin and Houston, and they just decided to ignore us and roll right in anyway. Apparently it was your Waco Tea Party that threw us under the Bus in getting them venues in our areas. Thanks for the support guys, it's appreciated!

    TPP is doing the right thing here.

    We don't need the TPE mess in Texas

    Houston Tea Party Society

  3. Actually we are not on the same team. TPE is a partisan PAC and TPP are a non-partisan grouping. Whether or not you like Republicans is irrelevant.

    A non-partisan group needs to make great effort to stay that way as there are always people trying to drag it towards one part or other (and not just the Republicans). That is what TPP is doing.

  4. Hmmmm. Americans who wish to visit Texas in order to exercise their First Amendment Rights, and speak with Texans must first secure the PERMISSION of Josh and the Austin TPP?


    When did that happen?

    Not my definition of "America" must less "Grass roots". You sound like a liberal to me. I do not think that you (Josh) speak for anybody other than yourself.

  5. Anonymous, you brave soul, Josh speaks for ME and I wrote this. I did not go into the history of what happened because I do not want to bring other people's dirty laundry, but I have good reason for being pissed. Am I allowed that right by you? I frankly don't care. I'm taking it!

    Thank you everyone for your comments, Including you, Michael. When this started out, I thought I was just doing my best for my city, state, country. It has grown into what it is today, and people ARE trying to profit off of it. I DON'T LIKE THAT. I want our country back, I want the bums - ALL OF THEM except Tom McClintock - in the unemployment line, and I don't appreciate people (TPE) lying about their purpose for being anywhere.

    They did not make it known that they were a partisan, corrupt organization. Over on the my main site, I never included Our Country Deserves Better because it is too crass for my taste. I'd rather win the debate than destroy people. I'm a Conservative, not a democrat. Good day.

  6. 1 - Just doesn't make sense for the area

    2 - Why hammer into an area where the local grassroots Tea Party orgs don't approve of them?

    3 - Promoting or staying silent about them when they come into the constituency of a local tea party makes them complicit then. TPE misrepresents themselves in Fundraising for a PAC using the Tea Party brand the local orgs have built. Better to just ask them not to come in, and if they insist, tell the people that trust you what they're up to.


  7. Hi Lagwolf. You've got that so right. Anyone who is having a party can determine who is invited and who is not. It has nothing to do with free speech. I don't invite the KKK or the Black Panthers either! And I never will! Call me whatever you want, I will not have racists around me.

    Hi Josh. This is true that they do not say outright that they are here to collect money for people like Snowe! Who are they kidding by thinking they are electing only Conservatives? It is Conservatives that have to fend for themselve. BTW, every election the dems wear Conservative issues, if no one has noticed. How do we think they get elected? Ugh.

    PS. I know I mixed up my response. It's late. Please forgive me. :lol:


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