Thursday, May 13, 2010

Long Beach Patriots News

The Townhall we were planning does not seem to be getting anywhere. There have been no halls that have stepped forward to donate their hall for a couple hours, and the candidates are having trouble getting their schedules around the times we have suggested. So, we will have the Townhall after the June 8th election.

However I would like to search and find a civic center in Long Beach so that we may meet there at a date to be determined. We can then discuss the candidates and the propositions on our own. I need some feedback on this, so please email me about this if you plan to attend and which time would best for you during the week. Thanks.

Well, that's about it for now. I've been pretty busy trying to help Star Parker who is running for Congress in our 37th district against Laura Richardson. Woohoo! She is a great lady, and you can read about her and follow her writings at CURE. You may contribute to her campaign if you wish at her campaign site Star Parker for Congress.

To let you know how much faith I have in this Lady, I dropped out of the race so she could run unopposed. I respect her immensely, and I would never said a bad word against her. Not even for my own benefit. See? I am not a politician! haha. God bless.

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