Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Arizona BUY-Cott

Below you find several ways you can contribute to Arizona's economy, since our stupid govts feel the need to break the law and boycott Arizona for doing something we have been begging our federal govt to do...they are now enforcing the law without discrimation beginning in 90 days. It's about time!

Here is the email I received from San Diego Tea Party:

Starting May 5th, we are officially kicking off an on-going ARIZONA BUY-cott to support Arizona bases corporations, local businesses, on-line retailers, and tourism. The following list is just a sampling of the great companies you can support...and there is something for everyone. PLEASE SHARE!!

Be sure to check back at our website regularly...we will add more companies as soon as possible!

Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition.

If this or any of the links below don't work, simply type them in to conatct these companies.


Arizona Guide.
NPS.gov. (map search)
Arizona State Parks.
Camp Arizona.
Arizona Bed & Breakfast.
Verde Canyon RR.
The Train.
Arizona Wine.



Allied Waste Industries.
America West Airlines.
American Flag & Pole Co.
American Spirit Arms. (Manufacturer of precision firearms)
Arizona Artists.
Arizona Cardinals. (Football)
Arizona Diamondbacks. (MLB Baseball)
Arizona Highways. (magazine)
Best Western.
Bookmans. (largest used book seller in AZ)
Cerreta Fine Chocolates.
Candy's Apples. (gourmet candied apples)
Circle K. (Convenience Store)
CSK Auto. (Checker Auto Parts, Schucks Auto Supply, Kragen Auto Parts, Murray's Discount Auto Stores)
Clear Channel Outdoor.
Cold Stone Creamery.
Discount Tire Company.
Eleanor Joseph Confections. (truffles & more!)
Fairytale Brownies.
Fender Music Instruments.
Flight Miniatures. (model aircraft)
Grand Canyon Airlines.
GreenNurture.com. (green corporate consulting)
Greyhound Corp.
Harkins Theatres.
Hollycake. (Letterpress Stationery)
Hopi Market.
Kona Grill.
Knight Transportation.
Massage Envy.
Mesa Air Group. (Mesa Airliines, Go!, Freedom Airlines)
McClendon's Select. (mail order organic fruit and honey)
M. R. Designs & Gifts. (Gift Baskets)
My Computer Works. (Scottsdale. Online computer repair)
Navajo Fine Jewelry & Collectibles.
New Vision. (vitamins & wellness)
PF Changs.
Ping. (Golf)
Phoenix Coyotes. (NHL Hockey)
Phoenix Suns.
Poore Brothers Pototo Chips.
Protégé Sports.
Ramada Hotels.
Robar. (firearms & accessories)
Set Enterprises. (board games & brain puzzles)
Seven Sisters Sweet Shop and Chocolate.
Sky Mall.
Surf City Squeeze.
Taser International.
University of Phoenix.
US Airways.

I'm back. Let's show these ungrateful lawbreakers that WE DO SUPPORT ARIZONA. First they want us to buy American, then they don't. They want the illegal aliens to stay here, then they want them to lose their jobs due to the economy. These people are nuts and the sad thing is, they're running our government! Digg! Digg!


  1. Glad to see someone else is joining me in sending out the message! :) Thanks!


  2. Thank you, RJ. You have a nice site. We are definitely supporting Arizona on this issue. So is the Tea Party Patriots. As are most Conservatives. The GOPers couldn't find butt if they had a map on this issue, so they can kiss my grits!

    They used to be the party of law enforcement. That's all that was necessary. If they had done that, this would not be necessary. But everyone has a right to expect peaceful existence, especially in the United States. God bless.


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