Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Fellow Patriots, Be Warned!

My friend over in Pasadena sent me this message today, and they're on to us. Yup, they found out that we're bought and paid for cuz no one could really think the way we do. Dang, it was good while we fooled them...NOT!

This is a funny video, and here is what Jonathan wrote on Facebook:
Subject: Premiere: Exposing the American Tea Party

(DISCLAIMER: "Chase Peterson" is a completely fictional character created to lampoon certain unnamed "journalists" in the mainstream media. Please enjoy and pass along at your own discretion ;)

As many of you know, the Pasadena Patriots were approached last month by veteran news correspondent Chase Peterson about participating in a documentary series called "Exposing the American Tea Party". Concerned that Mr Peterson had his own agenda, we politely declined. However, his producer came back with an irresistible offer - they would grant us FINAL APPROVAL and ALLOW US TO EDIT THE PIECE. Now granted - none of us are professional filmmakers, but this opportunity was simply too good to pass up. On December 29th, Chase Peterson came to our holiday party at Riley's Farm. Even though we were extremely gracious and cooperative, Mr Peterson's attitude soured throughout the afternoon and upon leaving he refused to give us the video tapes. As you can imagine - this didn't go over well with our group. With the help of Mr Peterson's cameraman, we finally took possession of the video footage. And now - Riley's Farm and the Pasadena Patriots are excited to present our first crack at mockumentary filmmaking "FRONT MAN: Who pays for the party?". Thanks to everyone who participated. It was a total blast and we're already talking to Chase about the next episode. Stay tuned!
Here is Part 1 of the video. Enjoy.

If this video does not work properly, here's the link to YouTube.

Here is part 2.
If this video isn't working properly, here is the link to the YouTube. Have a great day.

Hat tip: Pasadena Tea Party-Jonathan.

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