Friday, April 9, 2010

Long Beach Patriots: Tax Day Tea Party 2010

Hi everyone. How are you feeling? A little down? Don't be. We are going to try another method than just rallies. We are going to give most of these critters in Congress their pink slips. We can do this, but we need your help.

The Tea Party is going to be held between 130 Cherry Avenue and Junipero Street. We shall also be on the main road, Ocean Blvd, at the later half of our event.

I need some volunteers. I've been shy in the past, but I really do need you. What we need are a video camera, decorations (ribbons, balloons, or whatever you want to bring as long as it's patriotic and not racist or insulting), folding chairs if you'd like to sit, a card table to place the sign-in sheet and petitions, patriotic music (and CD player) including the Star Spangled Banner, snacks if you want them or to share, and whatever else you can think of that I have not put on this list.

Many times I have heard and also wondered, what can I do to help besides attend Tea Parties? It is too late to run for Central Committees in your area, but there are still many things you can do to make sure this town, state, and country remembers its founding.

We can go to city council meetings, we can join our federation of women's groups in our area, we can go out and get people to vote, we can educate people on what is actually in these bills (it's nice to have the bill with you, or at least the part you are describing), we can work in the campaign headquarters of the people we support as volunteers, we can have a candidate's row where we can ask the candidates direct questions politely, and much more. Maybe you could think of something? Maybe we could get them to sign a "NO NEW TAXES" pledge? Hmm.

About the time and all those other little details, haha:

DATE: Thursday, April 15, 2010
TIME: 5-7 PM
PLACE: Between 130 Cherry Street and Junipero Street (near Ocean Blvd), Bixby Park (sometimes called Cherry Park).
PARKING: There should be good parking.

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If you are planning to go, please e-mail me so I can give you my cell number in case you get lost. Hey, it's always a good idea just in case. For you men, COME ON! We all know you've been lost before! haha.

I will also need everyone to be aware that the Left is not happy with effectiveness. They are planning to go to each Tea Party and try to blend in so they can make us look they way they think we are. We know we are not as they describe, so if you see anyone you think is here to cause trouble, let me know. Do not talk to them, do not argue with them. Let me handle it. I have already made the police aware of the situation, so they know how to deal with it. It is their job, and we maintain our good reputation.

Last year two of them showed up and were very polite. They stayed their distance, and they did not say anything. No yelling, no profanity, nothing. This is also their right. If they are like that, leave them alone. They have the same rights as we do. I just wanted to cover this with you. You will be safe. They've never showed up again. We've been fortunate. This is just in case.

If it begins to rain, here's the plan. At 130 Cherry Ave, that is where the laboratories are. There is also shelter overhead on the outside. There is also shelter behind the stage. All of us can fit (at least the size of the last few, haha), so watch for the weather report. Come prepared.

Finally, let's all have a great time. From 5-6 we will hear people speaking, and from 6-7 we shall bring our flags and signs (please no personal signs, this is bigger than one person!) to Ocean Blvd and Cherry Ave. Last time we had very much support, so we should do this everytime. People need to see us.

Another thing that's been done differently this time is we advertized in the Pennysaver! Both print and online. Everyone have a great day, and keep your chin up. They have not defeated us yet, nor will they!

EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm thinking about switching it to having our signs and flags on Ocean Blvd first, then having the speakers. What do you guys think? (I'm thinking this might get everyone jazzed up.) I'd appreciate all opinions on this. Does anyone have any experience in this area? Is this a good/bad idea? Thanks.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again. Digg! Digg!

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