Friday, July 16, 2010

My Black Brothers and Sisters: Wake Up

To define a group of people in any way other than humans, Christians, Jews, Muslims, sports teams, political party, etc, is racist. No one is a victim, not anymore. Even those who have suffered racism can rise above it by simply not accepting what others may say. We consider ourselves Survivors. Now if someone lays their hands on you or your property, that's another story. That is a crime against all of us. Call the Police!

It breaks my heart that the Democrats have taken very beautiful people and stomped all over their Liberty, confidence, patriotism, and their education. What is this? "I am not going to learn because that is a white thing!"? HOW DARE THEY!

It is not a white thing that drove Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to demonstrate. It was not a white thing that freed the slaves. It was Christians who could not tolerate this injustice and hypocry that brought us to blows against brother, father, son, and the rest of the family. Then we had to repair the Union so it could stand under the this division after the civil war was over. That was not a white or black issue, it was a moral issue.

Since when did moral issues become white? They never where and never will be. I have personally learned very much from my black sisters. I was raised by a lady whom I love very much. She just happened to be black. SHE taught me right from wrong, good from evil, and how to not get a spanking when my Dad came home. haha.

I put her on a pedastal because that is where she belongs. Her name is Willie. I miss her terribly, but she had to leave to take care of her own Mom. I pray God has blessed them both greatly. The last I heard, He has.

I don't want my other brothers and sisters to be mistaken by these self-serving Democrats. Why is it that they can use racist terms and nothing is said? No consequenses! (KKK Byrd, for one.) By letting this be done, whitey reporters, it does NOT pay back anyone for the crimes that have been brought them here and beyond. If you did not commit the crime, you cannot ask for forgiveness. Unless, of course, you will choose to accept the punishment. What's that? *chirp* *chirp* Just as I thought. All lies.

You can do the best for our brothers and sisters everyday. TREAT THEM AS YOUR EQUAL, because they are. Love them as Americans, because they are, do not treat them any differently than you would treat your own friends. That is, of course, unless you're a jerk to begin with. In which case I recommend you keep on walking.

Please wake up, my beloved brothers and sisters. Has anyone informed you that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican? Did you know it was white Republicans who started the College Fund with motto: "A mind is a terrible thing to waste"? Have you been taught all of these accomplishments of our Americans that happened to be black?

We would not have street lights today if not for our brother. Sorry, but I don't remember his name. Could that be because I'm tired of being called racist (I am a Tea Party Patriots coordinator, Long Beach Patriots), or maybe because the Democrats do not want this taught? Or could it be I just have a bad memory about everything? Yeah, that's the truth, but will you accept and/or believe that when I am being honest with you? That's up to you.

I did not learn this in school. I learned it on my own. Many of us would love to embrace all Americans who want a strong national defense (to stay alive), a constitutionally (and bill of rights) limitted government without so much power (it was never meant to be a boot on our necks), and an opportunity to sell our goods that we have made with our hands to other people next door, in the next state, or in other countries (that are not our enemies) without tarriffs (taxes). That is called a free market.

Please do not determine what you believe by the words of those with alterior motives. Come to a Tea Party and find out for yourself. I have never heard of anyone NOT being accepted except racists and trouble-makers. I've removed one myself.

I'm not going to go into the work I've done to help bring us closer, because I know that's just grandisement.

Rather I will emplore you, remember that you are a free individual who can do anything (legal) you desire if you aspire to do it. No one rules your life except God and you. Your happiness is determined by you, not by others. This is America. You are an American just as much as I am an a American. Please hold that in your heart, because it is very important.

This country was founded by Christians, and we are feeling some of the exclusion you have suffered. No, there's no way we could what you felt felt fully, but somewhat.

Do not allow ANYONE to put unseen chains upon your spirit. That is what the Democrats have done. Just take a look at your city if it is run by a Democrat. Then look at a city run by a Repubican. Notice any difference? It has nothing to do with color, thank God. It has to do with values. What do you value? Your values will determine which political party or candidate has earned your vote. Like it or not (at first).

God bless you all, my friends.

May you walk with the LORD always, and when you cannot take another step, may He carry you the rest of the way until you can walk along side Him again. Digg! Digg!

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