Sunday, December 6, 2009

Petitions Ready! Volunteers Needed

It is finally here. Our petition is now available for you to download. I will give you a couple links that you will need for this. The first one is Unplug The Political Machine petitions, and the second one is a Fact Sheet with information for you.

It would be very helpful if you joined the Unplug the Political Machine and then joined our group which is listed under Los Angeles County, Long Beach, Long Beach Patriots. Long enough for ya? *heh*

So what is this petition about? Ah. I've been writing in our private site, so you may want to join that also. That is where I post the news others have written and what is happening. It most likely will NOT be found here, because we have idiots in this country who do not believe in freedom of speech, the right to associate with like-minded people, and the such. So email me and I'll include you if I already have you on my list. It also makes it easier for me to email everyone with one email rather than 5 emails with 20 people at a time.

Now down to business. This is a petition to add an amendment to California's Constitution. What it does is it denies the government the right take your money (if you a public employee) for political purposes, give it to public employees union bosses (not the employees), whom in turn give it back to the crooked politicians that took it from the employees in the first place. Basically, it puts them on the same playing field as the rest of us.

It does NOT deny the union bosses the rights of collective bargaining and all purposes of a union. It just means that they would have to ask people for political contributions. This way, if you are a public employee and don't agree with their politics (even if you do!), you get to keep the money YOU worked your butt off for to earn.

Why is this important to us? Because it is corrupting our political system. When those weak-kneed politicians have meetings, do you think they're really working in our best interest? No, they're not. Why not? Because the union bosses have a seat at the table! If they know the union will run ads against them in the next election, how do you think they're going to vote, no matter the crisis it will cause the state? That's right, and that is corruption.

If we want to take back California for the Citizens, this is where we begin. You guys did wonderful when we kicked the snot out of Proposition 1A, and we are going to do it again. We need over 1.2 million signatures. If you go to the sites I have listed, you should find answers to any questions you may have. Otherwise, you can always email me.

As for the volunteering, I need people to be committed to registering voters, signing the petitions (upon showing a drivers license, my sticky point) at malls, at home, at your place of work, etc, and getting them to the address given on the petition. Even a petition with only one signature on it is still good. Send it in! Just make sure that everyone you sign is registered to vote and lives in the same county as the petition.

Let us not show that Long Beach doesn't care about corruption. We do. We need to collect many signatures within this couple of weeks to have anyone with money interested in helping us. Please step forward and be counted. God bless you all.

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